Classic Japan Autumn Tour 2017

I really enjoyed the Classic Japan Autumn Tour. Julius is an excellent guide and an amazing tutor.  His greatest skill is his interest in people, his ability to lead and encourage a group is something that has to be seen to be believed. His focus on customer service is way beyond the norm. I can wholeheartedly recommend this tour.
Ciarán O'Muiri

Classic Japan Autumn Tour 2015

I greatly enjoyed my photography holiday to Japan with Incredible Photo Tours and Julius. It was an action packed holiday with an excellent overview of Japan and ample time to take photographs. Julius had clearly spent time checking out the best locations and stunning scenery. The travel and hotel arrangements all went as per the schedule and Julius introduced me to a variety of Japanese food. I would definitely recommend Julius’ “Classic Japan Autumn Tour”.

Jan Ison

Classic Japan Autumn Tour

My partner and I went on the Japan Autumn Tour 2016 with Incredible Photo Tours. Not having gone on a photography tour before we were both a little anxious and did not know what to expect.

What we received was nothing short of an amazing experience.

Julius was well prepared, friendly and helpful throughout the entire tour. He provided great advice on how to take the best shot and our photos are proof of his ability to share his skills.

Travelling on the Japanese public transport was easy with Julius guiding us. The depth of his knowledge of Japan was incredible. Not only was there masses of breath taking photography opportunities, but there was also a good balance of Japanese cultural experience as well.

The food and accommodation was great, with a mix of modern and traditional hotels.

Peter and I enjoyed every minute of the tour and cannot wait to go on another one with Julius.

Michele & Peter

Classic Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 2016

I consider that when I “Googled” “photo tours in Japan” it was one of my luckiest days as it gave me the details for one of the best tours I have ever heard about – well, that I could afford at least. Also who wants to take a tour with a foreign based tour company when you can do it with a home grown Australian one who knows exactly what Australians want and like?

The above tour more than filled the bill and had been devised by our Tour “Master”, Julius Pang who turned out to be just as organised as a Japan Railways timetable but with a capacity for flexibility as well. Throw in a cheerful, endlessly patient, unflappable nature and you have the perfect tour leader.

Although the exact bloom time of the Japanese Sakura or Cherry Blossom is totally dependant on the fickle weather, it only lasts for approximately 10 days and so must change from year to year. But somehow Julius managed to begin our tour at the time of partial bloom, extending to full bloom and then the post bloom period as well when the Sakura petals fall to the ground like falling snow. We saw it all and it was magical.

A huge bonus was that Julius only takes tours with a maximum of 8 participants which ensures that there is a minimum of stress for everyone. He always knew where to go at the best possible time to photograph something of wonder and beauty, eg castles, temples, gardens, streets, canals, architecture et al.

I’m sure that his Autumn tour would be just as fascinating and enthralling as the Spring version and we hope to undertake this as well in the not too distant future.

Thank you Julius, we will always be eternally grateful for your good nature and assistance.

Sue & Rob Pursell

Classic Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Thank you very much for a wonderful tour of Japan. I thoroughly enjoyed all the places you took us to and also the great photo opportunities we had. Japan is an amazing place and it was a great introduction to all that Japan is, the traditions, customs, people, tourist attractions.

Maria Jenkins

Kyushu Japan Tour 2018

We are not serious photographers but more of the snap-and-go type. Nevertheless we took over 1000 photographs. What we were looking for was out-of-the-way sights in Japan not on the mainstream and
more traditional, with a backdrop of autumn colours. This tour considerably exceeded our expectations. From beautiful Himeji Castle to Mt. Aso volcano, and onsen to cooking our own meat in a restaurant over a charcoal flame, we saw some of the best that Japan has to offer.

The hydrofoil side trip overnight to the National Park island of Yakushima with its beautiful waterfalls was particularly memorable. The icing on the cake were the tours of the Shinkansen bullet train maintenance facility, and the TOTO toilet factory and museum.

Julius is a caring and capable tour guide and we feel privileged to have made his acquaintance. We are fitter than we have been at any time in the past ten years. Be prepared to walk! As a couple we are widely travelled, but this tour stands out as probably the best we have ever been on.

Judith & Robert Hughes

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